Yevons Bane Hierarchy And Rules/Guidlines

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Yevons Bane Hierarchy And Rules/Guidlines

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:36 pm


Sin : Free Company Leader (Access to Everything)
Game replaces with next ranking ACTIVE member after 35 days not logging in

Sin Spawn : Left/Right Hand Of Leader (Access to All Company Chest)
Sin's discression

Aeon : Council Members (Access to First/Second/Third/Crystal/Gil Pages in Company Chest)
Lowered to High Summoner after 3 weeks inactivity

Fayth of Aeons (Access to First/Second?3rd/Crystal Pages of Company Chest)
lowered to High Summoner after 2 weeks inactivity

High Summoner : Level 50+ And 1 Month Service (Access to First/Second Pages in Company Chest)
Dismissed after 90 days inactive unless you've let Sin Sin-Spawn know

Crusader : All Members (Access to First Page in Company Chest)
Dismissed 60 days inactive

Washed Ashore : New Players, After a week becomes Crusader
30 days inactive
Al Bhed : pre unsent dismiss
Unsent, our extended leave friends


1) No Drama, Be Civilised
2) Have Fun
3) Ask for help if you need it
4) Activity is Key, More than 30 Days could result in Dismissal, So please talk to us and let us know why you may not be on
5) We are a Non-Profit Free Company


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